Patrícia Beldade
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Amnesty International "working to protect human rights worldwide"
Anti-Apathy "promotes awareness and action for positive social change"
Greenpeace "because this fragile Earth deserves a voice"
Human Rights Watch "defending human rights worldwide"
Kids with cameras "empowering children through the art of photography"
Médecins sans Frontières "committed to providing medical aid where needed"
New Economics Foundation "economics as if people and the planet mattered"
Reporters sans Frontières "defending press freedom everyday"
Unicef "For every child - Health, Education, Equality, Protection"
War on Want "against the causes of global poverty, inequality and injustice"
World Health Organization "the United Nations specialized agency for health"
World Press Photo "promote a free and unrestricted exchange of information"

(My) People:
Aoife's bioinformatics
Casper's symmetry
Frankino's shape
Fred's flies
Gruber's code
Marcel's yellowcat
Martin's experiments
Mathieu's mimicry
Maud's maize
Melissa's physiology
Ricardo's fish
Rui's pathways
Steve's plants with small flowers
Stuart's pop gen
Tom's theory & fish
Vincent's morphometrics

Allposters posters
Anne Claire Petit bags
Anthropologie housewear and clothing
BoyGirlParty crafts
Camper shoes
Custo Barcelona clothing
di gigi hand-made dolls
Elsewares independent art & design
iPod music magic
Lomography photography
Lotta creations
Monster Factory monsters
OiLily clothing for mother and child
Patagonia outdoorsy apparel
REI adventure gear
Rosa Pomar "bonecos de autor"
Simple shoes
Slãinte yoga (and other) bags
Terra Plana alternative shoes
Urban Outfitters housewear and clothing

Radio Shows:
Café LA Tom Schnabel's international music program weekly on KCRW
Democracy Now Amy Goodman's news show daily on KPFK
This American Life Ira Glass' story-telling weekly on KCRW and KPCC
Wait wait, don't tell me Peter Sagal's news quiz weekly on KPCC






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