Patrícia Beldade
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    NWO-VENI project [May 2005 - April 2008]

Evolution, development & genomics of butterfly wing patterns
While developmental biologists have identified many genes and pathways involved in the formation of morphological traits, we do not know which of these genes contribute to trait evolution and why those particular genes. We also know little about how the genetic and developmental basis of ecologically-relevant traits channels or constrains their evolutionary change (pub#14). Butterfly wing patterns present the opportunity to study such issues and address important questions in evolution: How are “old” developmental pathways co-opted to produce “novelties” such as eyespots? What is the genetic and developmental basis of adaptive evolution? What are the specific genes that contribute to variation in morphology? During the 3-year VENI project, I worked on: 1) the genetic and developmental dissection of phenotypic variation in wing pattterns (pub#11, pub#14), 2) the development of genomic tools for B. anynana (pub#9, pub#10).


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