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NCBI Tools and database access for genetic and genomic analysis
GoMiner Tool for biological interpretation of genomic data
Primer3 Tool to design PCR primers or probing oligos
ExPASy translate Tool to translates nucleotide sequences to protein sequences

Ciência Viva Portugal's agency for scientific and technological culture
DevoBio Links Links to sites related to developmental biology
EU European Union
EvoNet Network for Evolutionary Biology
Gene Ontology Structured networks of terms to describe gene product attributes
Molecular Databases contents of Nucleic Acids Research's 2005 database issue
NLBIF Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility
Understanding Evolution Berkeley's source for information on evolution

EMBO European Molecular Biology Organization
ESF European Science Foundation
FCT Portugal's Foundation for Science and Technology
HFSP Human Fronteir Science Program
NWO The Netherlands' National Research Organization

Fly Research:
AAA Wiki Assembly, Alignment and Annotation of 12 Drosophila genomes
DPGP Drosophila Population Genomics Project
Interactive Fly Guide to Drosophila genes and their roles in development
FlyBase Database of the Drosophila genome
FlyView Drosophila image database

Lepidopteran Genetics:
BombMap Bombyx mori genome map information system
ButterflyBase EST database for Lepidopterans Studying the mimetic colour patterns of Heliconius butterflies
LepGen Lepidopteran Genome Projects mailing list
SilkBase EST database of the silkworm Bombyx mori (JP)
SilkDB EST and genome projects for the silkworm (CN)

HTML Markup language used for the creation of web pages
PERL Scripting language widely used in BioInformatics
R Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics





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