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Bicyclus anynana labs
Researchers using Bicyclus anynana to explore different issues in population, evolutionary, ecological, and developmental genetics:

Paul Brakefield (Leiden, NL) B. anynana laboratory populations
Sean Carroll (Madison, WI, USA) wing development
Klaus Fischer (Bayreuth, DE) life history evolution
Tony Frankino (Houston, TX, USA) evolution of allometry
Vernon French (Edinburgh, UK) pattern specification
Tony Long (Irvine, CA, USA) genetic basis of wing pattern variation
Antónia Monteiro (Yale, CT, USA) molecular genetics of pattern formation
Caroline Nieberding (Louvain-la-Neuve, BE) male sex pheromones
Ilik Saccheri (Liverpool, UK) population and evolutionary genetics
Bas Zwaan (Leiden, NL) life-history evolution

Other Butterflies
Some of the researchers focusing on other butterfly species to address a variety of questions in biology, including the evolution and development of wing patterns:

Craig Brunetti (Trent, CA) diverse species
Casper Breuker (Oxford, UK) speckled wood
Richard ffrench-Constant (Bath, UK) swallowtails
Larry Gilbert (Austin, TX, USA) Heliconius
Chris Jiggins (Cambridge, UK) Heliconius
Mathieu Joron (Paris, FR) Heliconius
Jim Mallet (London, UK) Heliconius
Owen McMillan (San Juan, PR) Heliconius
Fred Nijhout (Durham, NC , USA) Precis coenia, Heliconius, et al.
Bob Reed (Irvine, CA, USA) Heliconius, and others
Peter Andolfato (Princeton, NJ, USA) population genetics
May Berenbaum (Urbana, IL, USA) herbivory
Carol Boggs (Stanford, CA, USA) ecology and evolution
Hans van Dyck (Louvain-la-Neuve, BE) behaviour and conservation
Ilka Hanski (Helsinki, FI) metapopulations
Spencer Johnston (College Station, TX, USA) genome size estimation
Nikolai Kandul (Durham, NC, USA) cytogenetics and speciation
Joel Kingsolver (Chapel Hill, NC, USA) ecology and evolution
Chris Wheat (FI & USA) evolutionary genomics
Adriana Briscoe (Irvine, CA, USA) molecular evolution of colour vision
Doekele Stavenga (Groningen, NL) biophysics of colour vision
Andy Brower (Murfreesboro, TN, USA Nymphalidae phylogenies
Naomi Pierce (Cambridge, MA , USA) Lycaenidae phylogenies
Felix Sperling (Edmonton, AB, CA) Papilionidae phylogenies
Niklas Wahlberg (Stockholm, SE) Nymphalidae phylogenies
ToL Lepidoptera People (Tree of Life Project) Lepidoptera phylogeny

A good way to keep track of current research on butterfly biology is to attend the Butterfly Meeting which takes place every 4 years. The last one was in Rome during July 2007 (Meeting URL).

Lepidopteran Genomic Resources:
The genomic resources (including linkage maps, ESTs, and genome projects) available for Lepidopterans has greatly increased in recent years. Some relevant databases and publications are:

Bicyclus anynana Large scale sequencing in progress
BombMap Bombyx mori genome map information system
ButterflyBase EST database for Lepidopterans
LepGen Lepidopteran Genome Projects mailing list
SilkBase EST database of the silkworm Bombyx mori (JP) [genome pub]
SilkDB EST and genome projects for the silkworm (CN) [genome pub] [db pub]

Butterflies have long fascinated biologists and laymen alike and a demonstration of this is the world-wide focus on documenting and protecting butterfly biodiversity:

All over the world there are centers and initiatives dedicated to butterfly conservation. These include Tagis (PT), Butterfly Conservation (UK), De Vlinderstichting (NL), the Butterfly Conservation Initiative (USA), the Butterflies of Canada, and the Butterfly Conservation South Australia Inc.

There are also a number of related sites dedicated to providing lists of locally occurring butterflies and moths, and other interesting info for butterfly enthusiasts. These include the Butterflies of North America, the Immigration of Lepidoptera, the USA-based Lepidopterists' Society, the Holland-based Butterflies Starting Page, the Lepidoptera: Tropical Index, and a number of International Butterfly Societies.

Butterfly wing patterns have clearly attracted much attention outside scientific research too. Here are some examples:

Marta de Menezes "created" novel wing patterns for her art project Nature?
Kjell Sandved photographed many wings to produce the famous Butterfly Alphabet Flickr collection of butterfly pictures

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